Monday, October 15, 2012

Being Who You Are

Who are you?

How do you view yourself?  What statements do you believe about you?  Your life reflects what you believe about who you are and about what God did to save you.  How is your life going? How is it functioning?  Do you have joy?  Are you walking a victorious walk with the Lord?  Or are you struggling with ungodly thoughts and living a life that is less than the abundant life Jesus died to give you?

If you are truly a Christian, having been impacted by the Spirit of God when you turned from your sin and surrendered your life to Him, certain words are true for you.

If you are not a Christian, or are living a religion life without having a relationship with God, certain words are true for you.

Your identity is formed by your birth.  When you are born onto the planet, you are born in the sin of Adam and you are a sinner.  There is nothing good in you.  Nothing profitable or useful is in you.  God will receive nothing from you in your life of sin.  You must be born again to have eternal life.  No amount of effort or work can save you. You must surrender to Jesus Christ, admitting you are an enemy of God.  You must turn from your life living independently of God and ask Him to take all your sin away.  You then receive by faith all God accomplished in Christ, receiving the righteousness of Christ.

Words that describe you are:  sinner, dead, enemy of God, unrighteous and no good.  If you are a sinner, you are in serious trouble with a Holy God and you are at His mercy.  Then end for you is eternal separation and torment in hell.

Once you surrender to Jesus Christ, He births you new, giving you a new spirit and heart. He seals you with His Holy Spirit and circumcises you away from the sin of the flesh.  He has transferred you out of darkness and conveyed you into the Son of His love.  You are His and you are clean and new.  

Words that describe you as a Christian are:  holy, blameless, righteous, royal priest, child of God, clean, new, free from sin, slave of righteousness.  You are God's child, having been born again through the seed, who is Christ.  You are no longer a slave of sin and death.  You are free.

How do you describe yourself?  Who are you?  Do you know?  How are you living?  Your life will show you. If you accept the truth of who you are in Christ, you will walk in joy and power of the Holy Spirit. You will walk in the victory and abundant of a child of God. And God will use your life for His glory and His namesake.

Do you know who you are?  Do you need help to sort this out until you understand more deeply?  

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