Saturday, June 30, 2012

Being VS Doing

We are human beings... not human doings.  Yet, so much of our identity is from what we do, isn't it?  We are moms, dads, business people, friends, carpenters, sports enthusiasts. We are so many things, aren't we?

What defines you?  What defines your life as a Christian?  Is it what you do for God?  Or is it who God has made you to be and then you do from that base, rather than the other way around.  Do you do Christian stuff because God will be pleased if you do?  Will doing these things make you somehow more acceptable to God and more holy?

I think sometimes we get things backwards.  We work at trying to be holy, rather than realizing that we are already holy and then living life from that reality.  Scripture says we are light, so live as children of light.  We are new, so live in the newness of life. We are holy, so live as holy beings on the planet.

The core reality is the new spirit given by God to a human being who surrenders to Jesus Christ. The old spirit, the heart of stone, is removed by God and a new heart is given to us who are now His chosen ones, His saints.  He has set us apart to Himself and sealed us in Himself through the Holy Spirit within our spirits.  And He has cut us away from the sin that still dwells with us, but not in us any longer.

How do you view yourself?  Really.  What do you say to yourself about yourself?  Do your thoughts and word line up with what God says about you. Not about how you think God views you or sees you, but who you really are as His new creation.  You are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus.  You have been made new. You are holy and righteous because of His work in Christ. Not because of any work you could possibly do. So why do we so often try to earn it or to do something to become more holy?

We walk by faith, not by sight. We walk by the reality of the unseen, believing God and as we believe our behaviour begins to line up with the work God did in our spirit. Our soul and body begin to transform, to be renewed and sanctified.  Our spirit is already sanctified, or set apart to God forever. There is no sin in our spirit. No independence.  Nothing can enter our spirit and defile it because it is kept by God Himself and sealed.  Nothing can enter into us and make us unholy.  We are holy set apart to God forever.  Now it must function out as we live as who we are. Doing flows from knowing who we really are, as the new creation in Christ, made by God.

We always do what we believe. If we believe our nature is unholy, we will try to do holy things believing it is against our nature.  If we know that our nature has been changed by God and that we are holy beings because of His grace, what will we want to do?  We will want to live out life as the holy beings we are, righteous and holy and set apart to God forever, with a nature that hungers for God and loves Him.

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