Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Praying for you

On blogger.com, when we build a site, we can see what countries are represented by people who come on to our blog. In this case mine: Alive from the Dead.  I want you to know that as I see your country, I pray for you.  I have seen hits from Russia, Hungary, India, Japan, Ukraine, Canada, USA, Great Britain, Australia and more coming to this blog. I assume each hit is a person God is working in and through. I believe God is at work in some way in your lives and He is bringing us together somehow according to His pleasure and purpose. 

I pray for you. I pray for your country.  May God reveal Himself with power and joy and bring people to Himself through your lives.  I would love to hear from you and hear what God is teaching you and doing in your lives where you are. 

Wouldn't it be great if we had a glimpse into heaven?  Into the spiritual realm in Christ to see how God is moving His people around the world to accomplish His purposes?  I would love to see the movement of God more fully worldwide.

I pray His many blessings on each of you, on your families, and your ministries and your lives that He might be glorified and people might come to know Him through you.  May He deeply encourage and strengthen you each moment of the day.



  1. The title of your blog is misleading.The writing is all sweet and preachy and carries no catharsis. I do not wish to criticize you,but maybe once,just once,you should turn to meditation for finding Yeshu inside.


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