Friday, January 20, 2012


He who doubts will be like the surf of the sea tossed and driven by the wind.  Have you ever felt like that?  I have.  I can feel the power leave me when I doubt God.  I drain.  I become weak and prone to irritation.  When I walk by faith, fully resting on God and not on what I see or hear, I thrive and have strength and peace.

What a mystery of faith. What unseen power.  We walk by faith, not by sight.  These words are sure.  They drive our lives in Christ.  Yet such challenging words for us as we live on in our body for these days on the planet.

The eternal reality of faith is sure and solid, but remains unseen. We see the impact of faith, the evidence of our faith.  We see transformation happen around us, we sense peace that surpasses understanding; we feel that we soar, and yet we do not see it with our physical eyes.. It's like the wind that we feel, but we cannot see where it comes from.  It's an invisible force that blows the hair into our faces.  Our lives in Christ are driven by this wind, not the physical wind of course, but the wind of the Spirit of God.

He is the invisible force within us and through us, driving us forward, growing us and teaching us the deeper realities of God.  If we doubt, we struggle, we waver, we flounder, we feel stress and lack of peace, we doubt ourselves, we doubt God and we view our outer experiences as being powerful and important.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Teaching the Word

What is the most important part of teaching the Word of God?  That people might know God. That they might hear Him. That they might experience God.  God must speak.  Do you ever get into a situation where you know that if God doesn't come through you will utterly fail?  Unless God speaks through you and gives you the words to say, you will look stupid and not know what to say?  That is the Red Sea experience.

We say something like....God if you don't come through, I will utterly fail.  And then we trust. Then we cry out. Then we listen and wait upon Him. Then when we speak, the words come and God speaks and there is an impact we can never take the credit for. People experienced God and we know that even on our best day, we could not have come up with such wisdom on our own. It was God speaking, through a human vessel. Whether for 5 minutes or a whole day. Whether to one person or a whole crowd. It doesn't matter. What matters is that He is gloried. Not you. Not me.  Him. He receives all the glory and all the praise.

Yes, we study and seek to understand His Word. We seek Him and He teaches us, not so we can know a lot and teach, but so we can know Him, and teach what He is saying to teach.  Then when we speak, He uses our  our mouth to speak the deep things of God, deep from His heart.

To me, that is teaching.  It's Him, teaching through a human, words that have profound impact. Yet we are not trying to have impact.  We are just expressing what He has given us to express.  We are just a voice crying the wilderness, pointing the God we love.