Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Desire

It is ethereal. Supernatural. It is by the Spirit of God. How do you create a movement?  Of people passionate about God? Only by the power of God. God calling. God leading. God pouring His passion into the hearts of people. Its the impact of God. Without Him we can do nothing.  It is mystical.   It's an active vibrant encounter and walk with God.  It's not going to happen by me doing something but by God doing something.  His people falling down and yielding to Him.

How did I learn? By being bankrupt. By listening to the word of God as you spoke. Not just by memorizing a bunch of verses. Or just by doing Bible studies. But by hungering for God.  How do we create hunger for God?  

Pray? For a revival of His Spirit. An encounter with Him.

I don't have any desire to just do something. I want to see God do something. I want to see Him impact. I want to see people fall in love with Him. I want to see the power of God so present that people are healed. People are saved. Demons flee. Walking in the flesh is hated. People glorify God.

I do not desire just to speak. I desire God to speak.  Impact and power from Him.  Words are just words unless He speaks them. I want Him to be glorified. That I might decrease and He would increase.
How to create a movement?  Impact.

Prayer. Falling before God.  Knowing if He does not go with us we are undone.  His presence and power to heal and transform life. I do not just desire to speak or do. I desire to see the glory of God. That He would be lifted up. All the world would know Him.

It is mystical.  An outpouring of God. Abiding. He taught me abiding.. resting..waiting...walking in the Presence of God. All are created to do this. The problem is we might try to do this. How to have a movement of people who love God. That love would be stirred up...

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