Saturday, August 20, 2011

You are the Vine

You, Lord, are the Vine. I am the branch.  I draw all my life, all my nourishment from You.  I live because You live.  I grow because You grow me.  I bear fruit because You produce fruit through my life. I love because You first loved me.  I gain wisdom because You reveal wisdom to me.

I am a vessel for Your love, for Your life, for Your truth, for Your way and will on earth as it is in heaven.  You are my food and my drink.  You sustain me, Lord.  You fill me overflowing with Yourself.  I am Yours.

I can do nothing apart from You, Lord. When I am doing, I know it is Your doing through me.  You expressing Yourself.  Your doing what only You can do. You setting people free. You binding up the broken. You revealing truth so people can be set free.  You, Lord.  And I get to walk with You as You work through me. You are the Vine, and I am simply a branch. But I am a royal branch, a branch formed from You.

I am born from above, created by God.  I am the workmanship of God, created in Christ Jesus for good works. You prepared these works beforehand, before the foundation of the earth, that I may walk in them.  I walk in them, knowing they are impossible for me, but not impossible for You.  I can do all things through You. All things. Nothing is impossible for me in You.

You are the Vine, and I am a branch....

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