Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lacking Nothing

       There can't be any lack. its impossible that God would dry up and not be able to resource us through His Spirit. It's impossible to lack. It's impossible because it's not us or from us, it's from Him and with HIm there is no lack; there is always's simply faith.

      See, if we tell anyone that we are overwhelmed with ministry, or something else in our lives, most everyone would understand and say, yes, i understand, it's very overwhelming and it's too much, you should cut back and not press forward. Most people understand lack of faith, reliance on self, and trying to do ministry in our own strength.
      But faith says, its not too much. Were the walls of jericho too much for joshua? Was the red sea too much for Moses? if it depended upon them it would surely be to much. but it didn't depend on them. it depended upon God. by faith, enoch, by faith noah, by faith, by faith, by's not impossible for God. it is impossible for me apart from God but with God all things are possible even the impossible is possible and real.
     I write these words with deep groaning in my spirit..... i know they are true.... they go against everything i see and everything i feel and i know they are faith the demoniac was healed.... by faith the immoral women were freed..... by faith, by faith....... Jesus did it and He did it completely. He sent the demoniac back to his town, fully healed. If anyone has issues it was that man. i'm sure there were many labels that man had... many issues... but he was healed, fully delivered by Christ.....
      Taking women from the street,drugged up with psychiatric drugs, labeled with debilitating labels, teaching them truth that sets them free.... they receive it, fall back to lies, believe a little more, fall back to lies... their behaviour reflects the lies they believe.... is there hope for them? if Christ is true, there is hope. for anyone. but we must love them and not give up hope.... trust in God. not in ourselves. in God.
     God is limitless. His resources never fail. He never runs dry. Our cup overflows with Him, pouring out into us. We never lack wisdom. I never lack joy. I never lack all the resources I need to do what He has called me to do. because He never fails and He never sleeps. He never slumbers. He never dries up. He is God. We let the resources flow through us to touch those God wants to touch, and we never run dry. Our cup overflows....
     Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever and ever.... abiding... resting... filling... flowing out.... giving as we have been given to....

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  1. I'm living proof that what is spoken here is true and attainable . I was the drug addict . Nancy and Paul took me into their ministy and their home some 20 years ago . Rock bottom or very close . Amen . Your fire is justified and well meant . Praise God


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