Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Beauty of the Gospel

Wow... The beauty of the gospel just astonishes me.  The  mystery of it. The power of it to transform lives.  Knowing that we are just a voice, just a vessel to deliver this message in love and God raises the dead and gives the blind sight. He sets the captives free.  I am so amazed by the power and beauty of God! By His amazing gospel.  Just Christ and Him crucified. That's all we can know.  Yet it is enough to transform the world, to transform those who are called out of darkness by God Himself.

And the reality of the gospel for us who believe.  The freedom and joy, the power and life.  The reality of reigning with Him, of being seating with Him, of dwelling forever in Him.  How do we fathom such beauty, such a gift as this?  It blows my mind. The beauty is overwhelming, the brilliance of His plan so great.  I am so in awe of God and so incredibly grateful to Him for what He has done in Christ.

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