Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Story of Love

This story is based on Ezekiel 16.  God creates beauty from ashes. 

I remember when I found you. You were just a baby. The field was near my house and I heard a faint cry.  As I moved toward the cry, I looked down, shocked at what I saw.  There you were, lying in afterbirth, struggling in your own blood.  You were not beautiful and my stomach revolted, but my heart ached with such compassion.  Someone had abandoned you. You were desperate and unloved. The cord on your navel was not even cut. No one cared to wash you, or rub salt on you to protect you from infection. No one pitied you even to wrap you in a cloth, but just abandoned you to die in an open field.  I stood there appalled. From the day you were born, you were hated by the one who birthed you.
            I watched after you and spoke life into you.  I said, “Live.” You flourished. I watched as you grew, becoming healthy and beautiful.  As you came to the age of love,  I swore an oath with you and made you my wife. I made an everlasting covenant with you, giving you myself without reserve.  I thoroughly washed the blood from your body until you were clean.  
           I clothed you with a beautiful silk gown covered in jewels.  I put pearls in your hair and gold bracelets on your wrist.  I put sandals on your feet and crowned you with a jewelled crown. I gave you the best food, all the delicacies of the land.  I loved you.  You were beautiful beyond compare because of the beauty I adorned you with. I gave you my splendour and your reputation went throughout all the country like royalty of a queen. You did not know, but I was the King. I had compassion on you and made you mine, giving you all of me, even when you were filthy and wretched and lost.

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