Friday, February 25, 2011

Check the fruit?

When John the Baptist was in prison and he wondered if Jesus was indeed the Christ, Jesus answered him saying, basically, check the fruit.  Look at the fruit of My life, John.  The blind see. The dead live. The lame walk. The poor have the good news preached to them.  John, the kingdom of God is among you and this the evidence of the unseen power of God impacting the seen world around you. The kingdom of God has indeed come. I am the One.
       Jesus says we will know His disciples by their love for one another.  He says check the fruit.  How is it working?  Is faith working?  Are you loving? Are lives transforming? Are captives being set free?  Are the blind given sight? Are the dead raised? What is happening in and through your life? What is your life producing?  By being who you are, believing what you do, what is happening through you?
      When we fully believe the reality of who we are in Christ, when we fully rest in the completed work of Christ on the cross, when we know that there is nothing good in our flesh, in our own thinking, in all we were before Christ, then we begin to walk in resurrection power of Christ, being who we really are.  The life of Christ, then pours through us produces fruit, brings transformation, brings joy and power and life overflowing. Our lives bring impact without even trying.  We bear the fruit, displaying the splendor of God, displaying the fruit He is producing in and through us as we  love God, fully resting in His completed work in us and His sovereign control over all events and circumstance in life.. The Christian life is not hard.  But it is impossible apart from Christ.
       Check the fruit.  What is happening in and through you?  Where are your eyes focused?  On earthly things or heavenly things that you can't see with your eyes?  Where are your thoughts focused?  On earthly things, things that perish?  Or heavenly things that are solid and unseen.  Where does your faith rest?
        We walk by faith and not by sight. We live in the heavenly realm in Christ Jesus. The life we live on this planet is an impossible life.It's a soaring on wings like an eagle type of life.  It's a walking on water life.  It's a life that is impossible according to our best thinking, or the things we see or feel. The water can't hold a man, Peter.  We sink in water, Peter. This life is hard, Peter. Jesus said, Peter come out on the water. Walk to Me.  Believing, Peter came. He did the impossible. Jesus fully expected Peter to do something physically impossible.  As Peter, took His eyes off Truth and believed his eyes, he sunk.  Jesus said only, Why did you doubt Peter.  Walk by faith, not by sight.
         We can't live the Christian life, apart from Christ.  To live the Christian life is Christ in us and us in Him. Abiding, loving, living in the freedom we have, being fully who we are because of what He has done, moving with Him in His purposes, His will -- not because of what we try to do or try to be. But because of who He is and His life flowing and through us. All our trying and striving could never bring us close to the reality that God has already accomplished in us in Christ.
       We are who we are.  Let's find out who we are. Let's find out what He has done.  Let's know the truth and let the truth set us free to truly live.

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