Saturday, January 29, 2011

What is Abiding?

         Abiding is described in many ways in the Bible:  walking in the Spirit, resting in God, abiding in the vine, being strong in the Lord, believing, walking by faith,  entering the Sabbath rest of God, living to the glory of God, putting on the armour of God, being in Christ.
          Abiding is living by faith in the completed work of Christ on the cross., being who you are as the new creation, the workmanship of God. You are a masterpiece of God's handiwork. The same God who made the largest galaxies and the smallest atom.  You are a masterpiece, a new creation in Christ.
          In being who you are in Christ, you are not trying to be somebody, you are somebody. You just are who you are. You are not trying to be righteous. You are righteous. You are not trying to be free. You are free.  You are not trying to have peace. You  have been given peace through the Holy Spirit within you.  You are not trying to love. You are a being who loves. You  have been filled with love and are connected into love  who is  Person named Love.  You  are a being who loves unconditionally.  It is just who you are. 
          Abiding is BEING.  You are God’s creation, having been born again through His Spirit. You are without sin. There is nothing in you that the evil one has any hold in. You are a holy being set apart to God. You just are.  You can’t try to be.  If you try to abide, its like trying to be human or trying to be married if you are married or trying to be single if you are single. You just are human. If you are married, you are married.  If you are single, you are single.  You just are.  It's just the way it is.  
          Being encompasses this connection with God, He in you and you in God.  You exist in Him and He within you. This is abiding and abiding is the reality of life in Christ.  In abiding, you experience Living in the Celebrating Life in Christ.  You experience peace in the midst of a storm. You experience joy in the midst of pain.  You love those who are unlovely.  You know that you can do nothing apart from God, but that you can do all things through Christ who give you strength.
          So abiding is being, but abiding is also doing, but it is not YOUR doing.  It’s the Father’s doing in and through you. So abiding is being who you are as a righteous being made new by God, and doing all He prepared in advance for you to do.  But you know its impossible to do what He asks.  He has asked you to love, to rejoice in persecution, perhaps even to die for your faith.  He calls you to walk on water with Him, to raise the dead and see the lame walk.  He calls you to make disciples of all nations and baptise them in His Name. All He calls you to do is impossible to do apart from Him.  But as you abide in Him, fully believing that you are who He says you are and that you can do what He says you can do, He will do amazing things in and through you.  So when people see your good works, they will give glory to God because they will know it’s impossible for a human to do such things.

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