Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Intensity -- Sitting in Mos Burger

Impending death moves life into intensity. The depth of emotion ranges from joy, to deep pain and back again.  I am sitting at Mos burgers while my sister enjoys a public bath, something I am not ready to do!  Instead I am enjoying coffee and ice cream at Mos burgers, a Japanese hamburger place.  My nephew happened to be here too with his friends.  Its a regular hang out spot. 
     Life goes on around us, yet one mans life hangs in the balance as I write.  His brother is sitting with him now. I can only imagine the depth of the pain he is feeling as he says goodbye.  There is joy in realizing the truth of life everlasting and there is pain in saying goodbye and knowing we will never see him again on this earth.  There is joy is knowing that God is in control and that even through this difficult and painful time, He is bringing good.   and there is pain in seeing the pain in family and friends, knowing the greatness of this loss.       
     Such a mixture. Such intensity.  What necessity to abide in Christ, to rest in complete trust in God, knowing that life and death  is in His hands  He holds all things together and sustains us.  He teaches us and directs our steps. He knows the plans He has for us even when the future is suddenly unclear.  He is clear, He is sure. When the storms come and the winds blow, we stand firm in Him, unmoved from our faith, steadfast in the deeper joy that sustains even in deep pain.
     So though as I walk up the stairs in the hospital with deep sobs welling up in my heart, there is joy overflowing with gratitude to my God who gives such peace in the midst of this time.  He is so incredibly good. So sure and steadfast.  He is our Redeemer.  The end is not a surprise to Him.  His sovereignty gives such assurance that even this is His design. Even in this He will bring great good as we abide in Him and trust.
     Death is the beginning of something new and beautiful when we are His.  Our life on this plane is so short.  We can focus our whole lives on things that really do not matter and miss the reality of why we were created.  Or we can embrace God and live for His glory and His purpose, seeing His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  His work is eternal and when He works in and through us, our work lasts forever and ever.  Our lives are not really about this planet at all.  Our lives are about connection to the God of the universe, working along with Him as He sets people free and redeems them to Himself.  When we come to Him, surrendering our lives to Him, He connects us into eternity where we live all the time, even as we walk on this planet.
     What joy this thought brings, as we look at death because in death is life, as our bodies die, we go to our Maker and we get to be in His presence forever and ever.  How to comprehend such joy and glory.  I cannot even conceive.  But I believe, knowning that He who called us is faithful and He will do what He purposed to do.  God is solid and immovable and we are immovable in Him.  He upholds us by His right hand and lifts our heads.  He is our joy and peace. 
     Thank you God for your sustaining power fin this time.  Bring comfort to those who are mourning the loss of a husband, a father, a brother, a son and a friend.  Bring an end to the suffering of the one we love, God and lead him into your presence turning sorrow into great joy.  May You bring hope to those he leaves behind,that the God who made them is alive and very real.  Would You touch their lives and bring them great peace.

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  1. Beautiful Nancy. Sometimes in the midst of great sadness is when we finally see the beauty of what God has done and how this life is a drop in the bucket compared to eternity with God. Were still praying back home for everyone


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