Tuesday, January 11, 2011

from Death to Life -- a testimony

Death where is your sting?

As I sit in the hospital in Kagoshima Japan, watching my brother in law die in his hospital bed, I am amazed at the grace of God.  He knows the Lord.  He is seated with Christ in the heavenly realm now, even in the throes of physical death.  I dont understand the struggle between life and death, yet I know he lives and will be alive forever.
     I am seeing the hand of God and the beauty of God as He works all events together.  I realize He alone holds our lives in His hands.  He knows the number of our days.  He ordained each one. He knows the breath in our bodies. He knows the timing of our life and the timing of our death.  He knows the length of our suffering.  He hold our tears in His heart. He is the Redeemer and the Author of our faith. He is our King and Lord, the Father of those who believe in His Name.  He is beautiful.
     There is joy in pain.  There is healing in pain.  And there is growth.  I see that God is in control.  He knows just how long this needs to go on.  He knows what we need.  He speaks through music, through conversations, through tears, through laughter.  And He sees the impact of this experience, of this life, in the broader scope of all things.  We see only a small window, but He sees eternity.
     I long for those who do not yet know the Lord.  What will physical death hold for them?  Fear?  Uncertainty?  Eternal death rather than eternal life, disconnected forever from their Maker.
     Yet, the joy in Christ of knowing that even in death we live. Death is not the end, but a new beginning when we know the Lord. There is peace and joy in the midst of pain.  There is no sting in death.  Death has been defeated.  We live on forever.  Thank you God for the beauty of Your salvation.

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  1. Wow! it is beautiful what you wrote and we pray for Jesus to give you His strength through this difficult times. It is beautiful to know that He belongs to the Lord and we will one day be together celebrating in the presence of the Living God. May you experience the power of our jesus :) paty


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