Monday, December 27, 2010

True Health

     Have you ever grown up in a family you thought was healthy and realize it was not? I suppose many of us have. All families are born into disconnection with God and live within that reality, defining meaning and health according to what we think and believe to be best.
     As I learn to walk in truth, abiding in Christ, I see more and more what true health is like. I see what freedom there is in health.  I see what joy there is in health. I see what fellowship there is in health.  Darkness and light become more clearly defined. 
       I'm realizing that what we think is health is being redefined by God, who lays out what true health is through His Word. We begin to see see that we fall short of true health in our families, in our relationships, in our view of ourselves. As God reveals true health to us through His Word, we walk in the light, and we see. Things become more clear. Truth now defines us. Not others' opinions. Not our success in our jobs. Not relationships we hold dear. Truth.
      God is restoring us to health and wholeness. He is restoring us to a life of freedom and peace, above the pull of the world.  He is restoring us to living within systems of true love, free from agendas, free from alterior motives.  As we walk in the light, being who we are as light, we begin to truly live.  We are no longer rocked by the circumstances in life or by the unhealth of others.  We begin to truly see.  And people become more healthy by being around us.  The health within us begins to influence the systems around us.
          Jesus is the truth and the truth sets us free.  I am seeing that God really means this -- literally.  He means that we will walk free, vibrant lives in Him, as we abide in His Word -- as we rest in His truth,  as we fully walk by faith in Him alone.  He redefines reality for us through His eyes.  He gives us understanding through His Spirit inside us. 
     I'm so thankful to be seeing this... finally.  To be understanding that God is truly sufficient. That the Christian life is not hard.  That fully believing the truth really sets us free, in this life, in our families, in all our relationships, in our jobs, in every experience we have on earth.  It's not just a phrase or a hope for the future. It's an actual reality of our lives now. Walking by faith in our creator brings deep fulfillment and joy as we walk with Him proclaiming His message of hope to others.  In this walking with Him, we walk more and more free, more and more living within the health of who we truly are.  God has made us healthy in Christ in our spirit. and now He is making us completely healthy through our thinking and behaviour.  He is making us whol.  We become truly healthy, not as the world defines, but as God defines.  True health is so beautiful and free.

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  1. Thanks for this meaningful message .

    If you hold to My teaching, you are really my disciples. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

    In HIM


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