Saturday, December 18, 2010

Story of the King

Someone was calling my name. As I cowered in my hiding place, a light shone into the darkness. As the light reached my face, I knew I was exposed. Raising my hands above my head, I stepped forward to face my captors. My chains jangled loudly around my ankles, biting into my skin. Slowly, pressed between the guards, I walked the slow walk to the King. As we entered His throne room, I saw Him. My breath caught in my throat at the sight of His eyes. My friends had told me He was cruel. They told me to run from Him and to hide, so that I could really live free and enjoy my life as I wanted. They said He was a cold and calculating Man, manipulating His subjects with laws, holding them back from really enjoying life.

Now, as I looked into His eyes, I couldn’t look away. A powerful, penetrating Light radiated from Him. I felt Glory and Power surge through Him; the Glory of a Truly Righteous Man. And to my astonishment, I felt such Love. An overwhelming Love like I had never known before.

My face burned as His eyes pierced through me. He saw me and He knew me. I longed to hide, but I could not run. He called me by name. He knew who I was. I felt laid bare before Him. I felt so unclean. Deep sobs welled up in me as I fell to my knees before His throne. The law declared death to anyone who broke even one of His commands. I willingly had broken many, over and over again. Guilt weighed down on me. I felt completely ashamed. I was His enemy. I knew I deserved death. Bowing in complete surrender, I bared my neck to this King.

I felt the cold edge of His blade on My neck. It rested against my skin. Ever so gently He lifted my head, and spoke right into my heart. You have sinned against Me, He said. You lived your life after your own will, violating my Law and My Truth. You deserve to die. You have become unprofitable to Me, a waste of a human life.

Slowly He raised the sleeve of His robe uncovering a gaping scar on his wrist. In obedience to My Righteous and Holy Father, He said to me, I gave My Life for You. I paid the penalty for your sin. Because of My Father’s love, I willingly laid down My life, so that you might live. Look at my hands. See the scars where the nails pierced through. I suffered humiliation in the hands of sinful men for your sake. I was falsely accused. Men spit on My face. They stripped my clothes and nailed Me to a cross. I died the death that you deserve, despising the shame. For the joy set before me, I endured the cross. I did not do this for you. I did this for My Father’s glory, for His Name’s sake. You do not deserve this Love. But because of My Father’s mercy and the Love with which He loved you, I gave My Life in exchange for yours. For it pleased My Father to bruise Me. In My death, I glorified My Father and you were set free. I perfectly obeyed My Father, totally trusting His Love, and fulfilling all that He commanded Me to fulfill.

As I hung on the cross, My Father poured all of your sin, every independent act you have done, into Me. I bore the full weight of His wrath against you and your sin, and, in the agony of My soul, was separated from Him and entered death for you. I died the death you deserve and was in the tomb three days and three nights. But death could not hold Me; It was for your sin, not My own, that I paid this price. I lived a sinless life, in absolute faith in My Father. My Father raised Me from the dead and I am now Alive.

If you turn to Me now, you must completely surrender. With your whole heart, admit your guilt before Me, confessing that I am now the sole Ruler of your life. Admit that you have sinned against My Father and that you believe that He raised Me from the Dead. We will remove your guilt and forgive your sin. I will save you and you will be one with Us. We will make Our home with you, making you new and righteous in Us. We will work within you through My Spirit Who I will give to you. He will cause you to obey Our law. You will enter into My Father’s righteousness and live with Us forever. You will become a slave to Righteousness, daily yielding your body and soul to Us, living for Our Glory alone. You will obey the Word we speak, for We do not lie. You will not be your own. You were bought with a price.

If you choose not to surrender, you will remain in your guilt and you will surely die. You will be cast from my presence and exist in death forever, where there will be weeping and utter torment.

As He rested the blade of His sword across my exposed neck, memories of my life flooded my mind. I had lived a wanton life, living only for myself. I had wanted to be free, not under the control of a King, but had become a slave to my own desires. Now as I humbly kneeled before this King, whose Presence filled the entire room, I knew how foolish I had been. How blind. As tears streamed down my face, I confessed my guilt before this Righteous King, gratefully receiving His merciful gift of Life.

He removed the sword from my neck. He lifted me to my feet, removing the chains from my feet, and, to my amazement, He washed my filth away. In awe, I looked at Him, His Love penetrated my heart, washing me, renewing Me, filling Me with His righteousness and Sealing Me in His Spirit. As He embraced me, He called me His child. You are now Mine, He said. I Love you with an everlasting Love. I declare you righteous because I have made you righteous through the cross of My suffering. I will never leave you or forsake you. We will walk together, enjoying each other, working together to see my Kingdom advance on the earth. I have come to proclaim good news to the poor, to bind up the broken hearted, to set captives free. I give sight to the blind and make the lame walk. I came that you might have life and life more abundantly. I am your Life.

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