Monday, December 13, 2010

Is it Real?

Think of salvation like getting hit by a semi-truck going 700 kph. If that truck hits you, you will feel the impact. You will not be the same; you’ll be in the hospital, you might be dead, but you will not be the same. There is no denying the reality of that impact. Which is greater, a semi-truck or Almighty God? If someone says they have been impacted by God, but there is no impact, either they are lying or mistaken. If God saves you, you are saved. You are a transformed being. You are completely impacted. The experience of this inner transformation is realized only by faith, by fully believing God and resting in His finished work. We walk out the Christian life by faith and not by sight any longer; we are not trying to be somebody; we ARE somebody. We are not trying to do something for God, we walk with our King being who we are, and He expresses Himself in and through us to the world around us. We are light, so we live as light in the world. Light shines in darkness, yet the darkness “does not comprehend it,” until God opens the eyes of those He chooses so they can see.

God Hates Religion
The opposite of Christianity is not darkness, it is religion. Religion is man’s attempt to work for God. Religion is man trying in his efforts and best wisdom to do God’s work. Christianity is the opposite. Christianity is God doing His work in and through His people, not for man’s sake, but for His own glory as He brings His creation back in line with Himself. Religion thinks man has something to offer God or do for God. Christianity says God needs nothing from us.

Religion has pride at its core. Religion has self its the core. Religion says “I need to do more for God.” Why? So I feel like I’m doing significant work and am doing enough to be pleasing to God. Religion says I need to read my Bible more to become more holy or clean. Why? I so I feel better about myself and improve myself. Religion guilts me when I don’t read the Bible enough or when I miss church. Religion guilts me when I don’t share my faith with everyone I meet and answer every alter call to reach the world for Christ. Religion says I must work on myself to make myself more acceptable by God, to get closer to God, to do all the things He expects me to do. Religion lacks joy and power, yet I keep trying to attain what I think I should be. Religion loves self-help book because it seeks to improve self.

All our religious deeds are filthiness to God. All attempts to achieve what God has already completed in us or to do, by our own efforts, what He wants to do through us is religion. We cannot achieve, devise, improve and add to anything that God has done. It’s done. Finished. Complete. And He did is masterfully, perfectly, beautifully.

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