Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Abiding is the reality of being who you are in Christ. Being, in connection with God in you and you in God. Existing and moving within Him and He within you. Abiding is the reality of life in Christ. In abiding, you experience Living in the Celebrating Life in Christ.

Abiding is being, but abiding is also doing, but it is not your doing. It’s the Father’s doing in and through you. You are a vessel for the life of God flowing through you, accomplishing His will on earth as it is in spiritual realm. So at the end of your life on this planet, you can say, along with Jesus, “I have done nothing.” This is the goal of abiding.

What does abiding look like? The abider moves in the flow of God. The flow of God is complete acceptance that whatever The abider gives the soul no reign. There is no “my will.” Now you say only “Your will”. God is working out His will in and through you. The Father’s will is active not stagnate. The Father is always working. Jesus was always about the Father’s business. Abiding is accomplished in total trust of the Father, being responsible to let things happen through you, knowing the Father is in control of all things working around you, working all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. The Father works all things together according to His will. Nothing happens by chance. Nothing is by mistake. All things are designed for the Father’s will, for His Name’s sake and glory. Not even a butterfly will come into your presence but by the will of God.

The Christian life should feel like you are in the ride of your life, but you are not driving. You are riding without resistance against where you need to go. It just is what it is. Your life is completely abandoned to God. As events happen, you accept that event in complete trust knowing God is allowing it for His purposes and His will. You must experience the next event; it may be "good" or "bad" but it is the necessary event or situation.

Thankfulness is the sign of an abider. The absence of worry or anxiousness is also the sign of an abider. Peace is normal. Joy is normal. The spirit of man is accepted as righteous and holy, full of love desiring to be expressed in every situation. So when a storm comes, there is peace. Peace flows like a river and you say, “it is well with my soul.” God is the anchor of your soul, the foundation on which you stand. He is the strong tower in which you abide. He is the Rock of your salvation. You will not be shaken. You are secure and solid in Him. He is able to make you stand and He will do it. He is doing it.

The abider abides in the Word of God. The Word of God is not quoted; it is fully rested upon. There is no trying to get it to “work”. It just works because it just is. Truth is spoken even when it may not go "good" for the speaker,... it just is. The abider knows the mind of God through knowing the Word of God. They ask or answer people with biblical statements without quoting the bible; they are speaking the same way as the Bible. It is natural for them to speak "Christ-like."

The eyes of the abider now are open to see the Father working. He sees small things as signs or hints from God to join what He is doing in the life of the one He is exposing. God is setting people free. He works in and through us to see His kingdom advance life by life as He calls the dead to life transferring them out of the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of the Son of His love. God connects us into Himself and we become one with Him.

People see the abider as "different." He or she is not "normal" to the others around them because the world does not abide. The world works its own will out on every situation. When you abide, people wonder how you can remain calm in difficult situations like Jesus standing before Pilate.

Abiders don’t NEED help from people, but understand that the FATHER's help comes through people

so they are open to receive help. They enjoy learning from others who the Father is speaking through because they want to grow more Christ-like.

Abiders still get off the mark when they let the soul thoughts drift. The drift moves them to make decisions from the soul, which would be to protect the body, love the body, love fame, power, money or any other earthly thing that earth values. These values are an abomination to God. The abider catches him or herself quickly because they can tell it does "feel" normal. They know something is wrong. Christianity is starting to seem hard to carry out, like a work to do rather than a relationship with their Father. So they quickly go back to where they stopped trusting the Father. They look to what they were told to do, but feared to go there or resisted the order. The soul had reigned. They confess or admit it to the Father and take up the fellowship again at this starting point, knowing that their behaviour does not separate them from God, but the experiencing fellowship with God felt disconnected because they walked in the flesh obeying the soul rather than the Spirit of God.

The goal of abiding is to know God. Not work for Him. Most religious people want to work FOR God, not KNOW God. Jesus said, “This is eternal life that they might know You, and the Son whom You sent.” In knowing God, we love God. In loving we God we obey God, knowing His will is the only will that matters.

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