Sunday, November 28, 2010

Realizing who God is prt 4

In Realizing who God is, we realize who we are apart from Him. How small and insignificant we really are. We often think that we are creators in our own right, designers of our own destinies. We see ourselves as being in control of our lives and we live for our pleasure. But when we magnify God, we realize that we are not higher than God. We are created beings. He is not. He is a Holy Being, and we, when we live independently of Him, are not. Had He been any less than purely good, He would destroy us without mercy.

God sees you. He knows all about you. He knew the days of your life before one ever came to be. He knows what you are made of and He loves you. He knows that you are but dust. So fragile. So small. With one breath of His mouth, He could wipe you from existence; He is that great.

But He is infinitely good and loving. He loves you. He is mindful of you. Psalms 103 tells us that He does not treat you as your sins deserve. What kind of God is He that He would show us such mercy?

Let’s be honest for a moment. Have you ever prayed to God, telling Him what you want Him to do or how you want Him to do it? I have.  Have you been mad at God when He didn’t do what you asked? I have. Have you been disappointed and frustrated with God because of the circumstances in your life that you thought God would fix if He truly loved you?

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