Thursday, November 25, 2010

Realizing who God is prt 2

God knows everything. He needs no new information. God has no need of counsellors or advisors. He is absolutely wise and knowing. He knows and works together what is right all the time. He doesn’t need to discuss His decisions with us. He will tell us if we need to know and to bring us into friendship with Himself . He doesn’t want us to debate with Him. He desires that we know who we are in our relationship with Him and that we obey Him in perfect trust, in perfect faith. As a good parent expects a small child to obey because the parent knows what is best, God expects obedience as He directs us according to His perfect will. He expects us to obey Him because He knows best all the time and His character is completely good. He always works from Love. He works all things, whether seemingly good or bad, together for our good, all the time. Even when we don’t understand His decisions, He is right.

There is nothing we can give to God, yet He chooses to experience life with us, as we learn and experience life with Him. We do not add quality to His life because He is fully complete in Himself. Yet, amazingly, His love wants to express itself in relationship to us.

God is always present. He exists. He just is. And we exist in Him. He always was and always will be. He has no beginning and no end. He is not created. He is the Creator of all things. All things were made by Him and for Him. There is no escape from Him. There is nowhere we can hide from Him. Everywhere we go, God is there. Whatever we believe about God does not change the reality of His existence. He exists. If we don’t believe in Him, our belief does not somehow annihilate God. He just is and what we think about Him doesn’t change the True Reality of God. God is the only Being who says if other gods exist or not. He says there are no other Gods. Humans attempt to create a god outside of the One True God but this is called a man made religion and is hopeless to save.

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