Monday, October 11, 2010

New, but not really?

Have you ever fallen into the trap of not really believing the truth of who you are in Christ? Have you settled for less than what God has?  Jesus said that He came to give life and life abundantly.  Are you living far short of that ideal?

For years, I did.  I think I must have thought that I was new, but not really. That I was clean, but not really.  That I was forgiven, but somehow not really forgiven.  I kept praying, "God make me clean"  because I didn't feel clean. "God make me holy," because I didn't feel holy.  I felt like I still fell far short and could not figure out how to measure up somehow to the standard.

One day, God woke me up as  I cried out to Him.   He told me, "Nancy, I never answered those prayers you prayed to be holy, to be clean, because I already did it, the moment you first believed in me."  God told me that all the promises are Yes in Christ.  He is sufficient.  He has made me complete in Him.

Now I know that I am actually new.  Actually clean. Not sort of. Not partly. Totally and completely. 

I praise Him because I am free.  And we as believers are free indeed.  We have been freed from the power of sin and death.  We are free indeed.  We have been washed, and sanctified and justified.  Set apart to God and made righteous in Him.  What incredibly good news this is.  How freeing. How joyfilled and powerful.

So I focus on this truth today, walking according to it and resting in the finished work of Christ.  What a dramatic impact it has made in my life, in my children's lives, in my marriage, in ministry.  I am so grateful to God for His transforming power in our lives as believers!

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