Friday, October 1, 2010

Believing Who We Really Are

When you were a child did you ever pretend to be someone you were not?  A cowboy?  A princess?  Did you dress up and take on the role of that character?  You felt like that character for a little while as you played the game.  But  when you took the costume off, who did you become once again?  You became yourself once again.
Let me ask you.  When you pretended to be something else, did it make you that thing?  Or were you always you? 

As a believer in Christ, who has been transferred out of darkness into His marvelous light; who has been born again of imperishable Seed; who has been made new and righteous in Christ -- who are you?  Really.  Not who do you FEEL you are.  Who are you?  Who does God say you are?

If we have been saved by God and transformed by His power, the old is gone.  The person we WERE is not the person we now ARE.  We have been transformed by the grace of God.  Righteousness was a gift.  We are new in Christ. This is our reality. How do we know?  We know from the Word of God. God defines who we are.  He is the One who did the work within us, giving us a new spirit and new heart.  He filled us with His Spirit and has given us everything we need for life and godliness.  We are complete in Christ.

Just like when we put a costume on, it doesn't change our identity.   We are who we are.  Either we are dead in our trespasses and sins. Or we are alive in Christ. Our identity is sealed by God.  It can't be changed.  When we are in Christ we are new and holy beings. 

We are who we are, whether we "pretend" to something else or not. Probably a better word would be whether we believe we are something else or not.  If I am new in Christ and I don't believe that I'm new, does that change the reality of being new?  No. Because it is the reality of what God has done. It does change the experience of it though.  We say we are not transformed, not new, not clean, but those words are not the true reality.  They are feelings only.  Not truth.  If we base our reality on feelings or random thoughts we will walk according to those thoughts.  When we walk according to the Truth, we walk free and we rise up to live out who we really are.

Does this make sense?  It's faith. According to your faith.  Believing that what God said He would do He actually did the moment we surrendered to Christ by faith.  It's His work.  And it's done. Finished. Complete.  So we rest in His completed work. Fully enjoying the God who set us free.  Our hearts overflowing with thanksgiving, for God did for us what we could never have done.

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