Thursday, September 30, 2010

God's Symphony

All things working together for the glory of God. All the part playing. Each sound unique. Each sound necessary to the whole.  Rising and falling. Singing the song of the conductor. The song of songs of the Master composer.  God working all things together according to the council of His will, for the praise of His glorious grace.

He is the conductor. The composer.  And we play for His glory, we each play our part, we improve and grow. Unity forms and beauty emerges. Beauty takes over for the glory and praise of God.  Through One Spirit.  Through One Lord.  For One King.  The Master musician in the symphony of life.


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  1. Each memober in particular, right Nancy. Not one more important than the other, when one is blessed, we all are blessed, and when one is hurting, we all hurt. There is no getting around it. Your words have blessed me so much, and enriched my life more than you know, and it is a pleasure to know you.


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