Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doing the Word

     How do we know if we truly believe the Word of God?  If we truly believe, putting our whole weight into the Truth, we will do what it says. We live what we believe.  If I say I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus, yet I walk around in despair, what is that really saying?  Do I really believe?  Or am I merely saying words?  The Reality of God is so much greater.
     Our belief will show in our actions, in how we live.  If we have all knowledge, and have not love, we are nothing.  It doesn't matter how much we know of the Bible. The question is: Are we living it, breathing it.... does it form our Reality?
     It's not about trying to live it. It's not about trying to do all that is written in the Bible, as if we need to follow rules and laws.  It's about understanding what God really did when He transformed us.  It's about understanding who we really are in Christ.  It's about God's work, not our own.  Once we begin to see that, fully believing God, magnifying Him, we will live differently.  We will live free, because we will realize that we are truly free.  (If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.) 
     If we believe we are children of God, transformed by His power through the death and resurrection of His Son, our lives will be different than they were before.  Our faith will show.  We will walk as a child of the King of Kings because that is who we are.  It's not who we are trying to be.  It is who we are,  not by any work of our own.  It's by the grace of God.   We are royalty.  We are the masterpiece of God, the Master Craftsman. We are amazing in Christ.  We are dearly loved by the most powerful and infinite Being in existence.  When we believe that, truly believe, resting our full weight into the Truth, we live differently. We just do.  We don't try to.  We just are.  It is who we are.  It's faith.

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  1. Very good and clear explaination of believe and action.


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