Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What is reality?

I have been meditating on reality.  The real REALITY.  Not the reality we see with our eyes.  But the real REALITY of the unseen. What is really real for a believer in Jesus Christ?

If we are in Christ, we are new creations.  The old is gone.  The REALITYof the new creation means that I am no longer what I was. What I was no longer defines my present REALITY.   What God says about me in His word, now defines REALITY. All that I was has been replaced with all that I now am in Christ.  I was dead and now I am alive.  I am completely new.  Not a stain or blemish exists.  I am sealed in Him.

We walk in this REALITY by faith and not by sight.  The catch of experiencing the power of this new life is  belief.  I must agree with God that I am who He says I am.  I must agree that God did what He promised to do.  I must believe that He who promised is faithful.   If  I believe that I am not actually changed by God, I will live as an unchanged being.  If I believe I have been transformed and made new, then that REALITY will work itself out in my existence.

I choose to believe the Truth.  God defines REALITY for me now.  God's REALITY is dynamic, powerful and freeing.

What is REALITY?

I, along with all believers in Jesus Christ, am Righteous in Christ.  Totally accepted by my God, because of what He did; not because of anything I would ever do. I am His workmanship.  His creation.  Created in Christ Jesus for good works.  He is delighted in me (in us); the perfection of His amazing workmanship.  God is the perfect designer.

I am a child of God, His heir.  All He has is mine and all I have is His.  As His heir, He has filled me with His love, His Joy, His peace and all that He is through His Spirit. This is the true REALITY of my existence as His child. 

I am a kingdom being now, a spiritual person whose reality is now defined by the One who created me.  By the Father who gave me spiritual birth.  I am no longer a citizen of this earth, but a heavenly being housed in a body that is designed for this planet, but it temporary and passing away.  I am eternal, existing in eternity now.

The True REALITY is that all the things of the earth no longer define us.  Our reality is defined for us in the living Word of God.

I am so awed... floored, really... by the mystery of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The beauty and grace of God is overwhelming. I am so incredibly grateful for what God has done.

I believe Him.  I love believing Him.  In believing the Truth, the REALITY of that Truth, reveals itself more and more in and through me.  He has done for me, for us, what we could never have even thought up for ourselves.   We hunger for His word.   Not just to memorize it and know where the verses are.  But to live in in the Word and experience the reality of His presence now.  The reality of eternity here and now as we live by faith in the God who created us and made us His.  It's His doing, not ours.  It's His work and He is a master craftsman.  He does not create dysfunctional beings.  We are not broken.  He creates beautiful, free, clean beings who adore Him and delight to do His will, for His pleasure.

What an amazing God we have.  What amazing love.

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